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"His art has been recognized by many art dealers and celebrities around the world including Bruce Springsteen, Sean Connery, Phil Collins, Danny Trejo and Toni Robbins to name just a few.

He has also been featured in FOX NEWS, ABC NEWS, HERALD FINANCE, WASHINGTON POST, CBS NEWS, NBC , Connoisseur Magazine, Art Habens, Artness Contemporary, The Bucket List Magazine, Vouge, SVD Perfect Guide and many other magazines, articles and interviews. ​

Peter Eugén's paintings give us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the emotional lives of others. And the further into the portrait painting we get, the more his interest is awakened in the movement, the expressions and the small details of the characters.

There he makes personal studies of our contemporary icons. In his expressive art, he picks out the qualities that we consider to be associated with the individual's personality or attributes. It becomes an imaginative reflection of imagination and passion.


Peter Eugén Nilsson was born  1978 and grew up in Sundsvall. Since 2007, he has lived and worked in Stockholm. He began his career as a nature painter, but after moving to Stockholm he focused more on portrait painting and later on Pop Art.

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